Issahaka Fuseini

Issahaka Fuseini

Role/Position: Post Doctoral Researcher

Issahaka Fuseini holds a PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, where his research focused on the analysis of the pursuit of urban governance for sustainable urbanisation in an African city context.


He previously worked at the University of Ghana prior to enrolling in the PhD programme. He joined University of Cape Town in 2016 as a post doctoral research fellow at the African Centre for Cities (ACC). At the ACC, he is conducting his postdoctoral research in a multi-city ESRC/DFID-funded project “Governing Food Systems to Alleviate Poverty in Secondary Cities in Africa”, also known as “Consuming Urban Poverty” project (CUP) which is being done in three cities – Epworth in Zimbabwe, Kisumu in Kenya and Kitwe in Zambia.


The CUP seeks to use food and food poverty as lenses to understand the dynamics of urban poverty as a multi-dimensional, multi-scaler phenomenon in urban settlements below the hierarchy of national capitals or big cities. He is also participating in an IDRC-funded project “urban food systems governance for the prevention of non-communicable diseases in Africa” (aka Nourishing Spaces project), being implemented in six cities in Southern and East Africa, two each in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Like the CUP, the Nourishing Spaces project focuses on understanding the urban food system changes but with an expressed intent to mitigate the emergent burden of diet-related non-communicable diseases in urban Africa.


Issahaka’s research interest in human (urban) geography spans the intersection of urbanisation, urban governance and urban planning; in particular, how these processes impact urban livelihoods, poverty and vulnerability, and access to basic urban services; urban food security; urban and peri-urban agriculture; urban land-use planning; and climate change.