heeten bhagat

heeten bhagat

Researcher and Lecturer



heeten bhagat was born in Zimbabwe. Presently, he oscillates between Harare, Cape Town and any place that involves long-distance travel. Most recently, his work has been in the emerging terrain of pracademics – essentially looking to nurture collaborations and design experiments between academia and real-life systems. He approaches this work as a conceptual methodologist – bringing pragmatic and provocative programming to support decolonial & diversity-expanding processes in overlooked and underserved environments. His experience across the learning spectrum (rural, community and informal spaces through to established cultural and academic institutions) recommends him into these spaces in formation, that are looking to engage dissonance as a way to activate pathways towards inspired productivities. bhagat currently holds Postdoctoral Fellowships with Durban University of Technology and University of Cape Town.



Litera[ri]ly Laterally: Re-Revisioning Marechera for Educational Films in Moving Spirit: The Legacy of Dambudzo Marechera in the 21st Century, Edited by Julie Cairnie and Dobrota Pucherova, 2012


Exercising Imagination(s) (2022), MuseumFutures Africa Publication, Goethe Institute – article

• New African Urban University: Workshop Syntheses


Book Chapters

Predicting the Passed: Que[e]ring costume and design in Black Panther: FASHION + READER

This image may contain… in Practice as Research (University of Cape Town)

Broadly, Speaking in Africa’s Fashion Diaspora, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)


Fragments: Producing out of violence. PARSE Journal


Only an idiot could have written this: Traffic lights as a site for play, journal article.

Performing Good(ness) (working title): Newton Food Research Project 2017 – 2019


taura/i zvenu (2019), FIVE BHOBH: PAINTING AT THE END OF AN ERA, Zietz MOCAA, Catalogue

The People’s/The Peoples Painter, Lovemore Kambudzi: I Have Walked Through the Crowds, 2012, Artist


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Why are tents triangular? Why is the triangle pink?, (2009), Athi Patra Ruga, Artist


What Dada Does, (2021), SWAG (Something We Africans Got)



Smart Townships: An Inquiry in Five Parts (2022) – a feminist research study for Research ICT Africa

The Other Story: Sexual Ontologies in Harare, Zimbabwe (2012 – 2015) – T3/Nyayaz


Re-imagining The Jagger Library: An exhibition of early imaginings (2022) – UCT Futures Think Tank / Molly Blackburn Memorial Hall

Food Consumption and Ethics in South African Cities – Postcards, Tea towels and Posters as creative outputs of a research study


• Sensing the City: How arts and aesthetics can (un)think urban studies, ECAS 2019: African:

Connections and Disruptions, Edinburgh, Scotland 11-14 June 2019

Only an idiot could have written this: Mapping performance/s at traffic Lights in Harare, Zimbabwe. African Infrastructure Futures, Cape Town, South Africa, 21-23 November 2022

This is Stupid: Peripheral Pedagogical Practices, ECAS 2023: African Futures, Cologne, Germany, 31 May – 2 June 2023