South African Cities Network: An established network of South African cities and partners that encourages the exchange of information, experience and best practices on urban development and city management.
The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa’s statutory research agency, conducts research that generates critical and independent knowledge relative to all aspects of human and social development.
The Gauteng City Region Observatory is a partnership of the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG), University of Johannesburg (UJ) and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (Wits) whose primary objective is to develop and advance knowledge and understanding of city-regions. It is tasked with developing Indicators with local and provincial spheres, as well as inputs from private and civil society sectors to service the research needs of government.
Personal blog run by Citylab Researcher and artist Ismail Farouk featuring his work and other interests
Development Action Group (DAG) is a non-profit organisation working throughout South Africa to fight poverty and promote integrated urban environments. DAG supports communities in need of adequate housing to lead, and engage with, their own development and influences State policy and practice through partnerships, research, training and lobbying activities. 
Chimurenga, a pan African publication of writing, art and politics has been in print since March 2002. It was founded by Ntone Edjabe. The journal is published on the page three times/year, online monthly and through themed performances called “Chimurenga Sessions.”
A United Nations agency that analyses and studies human settlement patterns, and develops methods for controlled settlement with the preservation of the environment in mind.
The Cape Town Partnership is a collaboration between the public and private sectors working together to develop, promote and manage Cape Town Central City.
The Sustainability Institute is a non-profit trust, founded in 1999. The institute work in areas of Community Development Practice and Management, project facilitation to establish Sustainable Neighbourhood Developments in various localities,policy research in the sustainable development sector.
“Based in South Africa, the Africa Centre is both a physical entity and an ongoing philosophical process. It is meant to grow spatially and conceptually over a period of several years, in time it will emerge as a multi-sited, multiple-usage space where the visual, intellectual and performance cultures of Africa, South and North are celebrated, studied and brought to life for diverse audiences in innovative ways.”
CUBES is the base for Wits University’s strategic research theme on CITIES. CUBES is hosted by the Schools of Architecture and Planning, and Construction Economics and Management,
SDI is a transnational network of local slum dweller organizations who have come together at the city and national level to form federations of the urban poor.